VSI Pick Integrator

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The Verotix Systems Pick Integrator runs on Windows platforms. It is a graphics oriented Pick to Light order and wave picking system.  Pick faces can be integrated to existing rack, flow rail and other storage devices.  The VSI Pick Integrator can be installed into existing facilities with ease and assist management and operators to increase productivity throughout the order picking process.  RF picking is utilized for pick to pallet applications as well as applications which prove too costly for individual pick to light locations.   The Verotix Systems Pick Integrator interfaces to the clients' material handling systems, process systems, and manufacturing systems as well as the customers business system.  The Verotix Systems Pick Integrator assists our clients in managing their product and material movement, inventory control, system productivity, and maintenance diagnostics.  The Verotix Systems Pick Integrator can be custom configured for your requirements and expanded upon for your future needs.

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