Building Automation


A Building Automation System provides the tools for increased efficiency, reduced down time, reduced energy costs, facility management, security monitoring, improved building safety and other benefits.

  • Standard off the shelf control equipment & computer hardware utilizing Ethernet connectivity
  • Redundant equipment can be scheduled for time on and time off for preventative maintenance purposes as well as automatic switching in case of equipment failure.
  • Lighting, supply and exhaust fans can be scheduled to turn on and off based on production schedules.
  • Facility water heating and cooling controls at the facility managers fingertips for specific setpoints or based on threshold limits being reached. Click here to view demo.
  • Automatic timing can be assigned differently for each day of the week. Overriding is easy for emergencies, holidays or unique conditions.
  • Fans, motors and other equipment can be monitored with potential bottlenecks being reported. Click here to view demo.
  • Data and alarms can be logged for historical purposes as well as trending reports for building operation and energy management purposes. Easily modified timing schedules based on your facility. Click here to view demo.
  • The automation of your facility can dim or reduce lighting based on occupancy as well as other building equipment providing energy savings. Click here to view demo.
  • Email and secure remote access for facility managers for alarm, security, or other remote monitoring.
  • VSI can support you with all your automation needs.

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